Trading  Symbol: IGD (TSX Venture Exchange)
June 23, 2015


Vancouver, BC, June 23, 2015, Intigold Mines Ltd. (IGD - TSX-V) (OTC:IDMNF) ("the Company"), announced that it has received the following update from TTAGIT Social Networks Inc. ("TTAGIT"). Intigold owns a 51% interest in TTAGIT.

TTAGIT has retained Cheng Wang to work on Phatpen as a Programming Consultant. Cheng Wang was the lead programmer on the TTAGIT social network. Cheng has over 10 years' software development experience including five years web development experience with Java/Spring/Lift/Scala, C/C++, iPhone/Object C, Flash/AS3 and HTML5/CSS/Javascript. In addition, he has experience in programming for gaming and Poker as well building Billing and Payment Systems.

TTAGIT has signed an agreement with QuoteMedia for use of TTAGIT's API for stock market data.

Phatpen will be built in three stages. The first stage, which is underway, is building a database with accurate companies on the exchange. The second stage is building a scraper to find company names or stock symbols on the page the application is open on to compare with the database. The third stage is to connect to E*trade's API to allow trades on the companies found and compared with the database.

TTAGIT is also making ground with the last major pieces on the TTAGIT system. An embed button is coming along with some User Interface changes for the Mobile.

TTAGIT - Technology

TTAGIT is a proprietary technology which allows Internet users to comment, talk and respond over any website (URL) using live feed. By using TTAGIT, users can stay on a webpage and post to their favorite social networks, without ever going to different website's to view or post comments. This is what gives TTAGIT its competitive advantage.

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(signed "Lori McClenahan")


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