Trading  Symbol: IGD (TSX Venture Exchange)
May 25, 2015


Vancouver, BC, May 25, 2015, Intigold Mines Ltd. (IGD - TSX-V) (OTC:IDMNF) announced that it has received the following update from TTAGIT Social Networks Inc. ("TTAGIT"). Intigold owns a 51% interest in TTAGIT.

New TTAGIT Platform Technology

TTAGIT announces it has integrated Facebook's insights and commenting to its sharing platform. Insights increase the amount of relevant content for Facebook users to share their information faster than ever before, much like Twitter specializes in link sharing through its users. Facebook will showcase the abilities of the new TTAGIT Platform Technology in a new social networking environment that will demonstrate TTAGIT'S versatility. Facebook currently has over 1.4 billion users worldwide. With the addition of the new TTAGIT platform, those users will enjoy a new, more efficient interface experience, while TTAGIT will continue to gain greater exposure in the social networking community.

TTAGIT also announces their newest feature, Sentiment Analytics. Sentiment Analytics is the process of identifying and categorizing opinions expressed through online content. Sentiment Analytics determines the writer's perspective towards a particular topic or product to assess positive, negative, or neutral view points. Sentiment Analysis formats these stats for users to gauge important information about Websites they visit.

Sentiment Analytics can be useful in many ways. It is especially helpful to users who rely on accurate website data, especially for Predictive Analytics for the online business and marketing community. For example, a review on a website might be broadly positive about a digital camera, but specifically negative about how heavy it is. Being able to identify this kind of information in a systematic way gives the vendor a much clearer picture of public opinion than surveys or focus groups do, because the data is created by the customer.

These TTAGIT updates for desktop are now available on Google Chrome.

TTAGIT Mobile Update

Following the Mobile update, TTAGIT will launch their own web embed button to align with other social networking sites. These buttons currently allow websites to embed social networking features on their own websites that can connect users. TTAGIT's embed button will allow users to take advantage of TTAGIT's Platform Technology in any internet setting, with the convenience of the TTAGIT overlay on top of any URL. With the embed button, users can take advantage of TTAGIT Platform Technology to use as a comments section for any website.


In summary, TTAGIT has added a Facebook feed and Facebook analytics as well as analytics for a webpage summary of the URL the user has opened TTAGIT on. Both the Facebook feed and the webpage analytics open on separate tabs for their own individual experience. This adds a more full stack to the user's experience and will also allow TTAGIT to make use of the Apple IOS full mobile experience when TTAGIT adds these updates to the mobile stack. The TTAGIT application is now ready to compete against other sharing applications such as Hootsuite and enter into another market apart from comment sharing.

TTAGIT - Technology

TTAGIT is a proprietary technology which allows you to comment, talk and respond over any website (URL) using live feed while you are viewing the page without having to leave the page that you are on and go to a different website to view or post comments. This is what gives TTAGIT a competitive advantage.

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