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Trading  Symbol: IGD (TSX Venture Exchange)
April 8, 2015


Vancouver, BC, April 8, 2015, Intigold Mines Ltd.(IGD - TSX-V) announced today that it has received the following update from TTAGIT Social Networks Inc. ("TTAGIT"). Intigold owns a 51% interest in TTAGIT.

TTAGIT - Mobile

TTAGIT has released the first version in the Apple Store of TTAGIT Mobile. You can find it at TTAGIT on itunes or search for it in the App Store on your IOS device. TTAGIT mobile requires that you have Twitter and a Twitter account installed on your device.

We are proud to announce that we are the first Action Extension using Apple's new language "Swift" in the App Store. We will also be launching TTAGIT out of Beta shortly after our other extensions become accepted in the other stores which we anticipate shouldn't be much longer.

A new mobile first friendly website was built alongside the application that will be launched shortly and has instructions on loading and usage.

The first step is to download the TTAGIT application, then open the application and login with Twitter. Go to settings and under Twitter allow Tweets from TTAGIT. Then go to any website and when you open the Share icon you will see the TTAGIT spray can, press that and you can start tweeting over any URL on your mobile phone relative to that link.

TTAGIT Technology

TTAGIT is a proprietary technology which allows you to comment, talk and respond over any website (URL) using live feed while you are viewing the page without having to leave the page that you are on and go to a different website to view or post comments. This is what gives TTAGIT a competitive advantage.

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