Seaness Capital qualifying transaction


News Release 2010-01

November 3, 2010

2010-11-03 18:57 ET - Qualifying Transaction

The TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing the company's qualifying transaction described in itsfiling statement dated Oct. 6, 2010. As a result, at the opening, Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010, the company willno longer be considered a capital pool company. The qualifying transaction (QT) includes the following.The TSX-V has accepted for filing a share exchange agreement dated March 22, 2010, as amended

Sept. 22, 2010, between Intigold, the Intigold shareholders and the company. The company has issued6,533,332 common shares (QT shares) to acquire all the shares of Intigold. Of the shares, 3,096,666 were issued subject to a Tier 2 surplus security escrow agreement.In addition, 400,000 shares will be issued to St. Elias Mines Ltd. over three years pursuant to an underlying property option agreement.

Insiders:  James Rainbird, 3.06 million; Isabel Alves, 8,333; Norman MacKinnon, 28,333

The common shares of the company have been halted from trading since March 26, 2009, pending completion of the qualifying transaction. Effective at the opening, Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010, trading in the shares of the company will resume trading.

The company is classified as a mineral exploration company. For more information, please refer to the company's filing statement dated Oct. 6, 2010.

Seaness Capital name change to Intigold Mines

2010-11-03 19:01 ET - Change Name

Also New Listing (C-IGD) Intigold Mines Ltd

The company has changed its name as follows. There is no consolidation of capital. Effective at the opening, Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010, the common shares of Intigold Mines Ltd. will commence trading on the TSX Venture Exchange and the common shares of Seaness Capital Corp. will be delisted. The company is classified as a mineral exploration company.

Capitalization:  Unlimited shares with no par value, of which 16,099,332 shares are issued and outstanding

Escrow:  Two million capital pool company (CPC) escrow shares; 3,096,666 Tier 2 surplus security escrow shares

Transfer agent:  Computershare Investor Services Inc.

Trading symbol:  IGD (new)

Cusip No.:  46116M 10 5 (new)

Intigold Mines three-million-share private placement

2010-11-03 19:02 ET - Private Placement

The TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing documentation with respect to a non-brokered private placement announced Jan. 27, 2010.

Number of shares:  Three million shares

Purchase price:  20 cents per share

Warrants:  Three million share purchase warrants to purchase three million shares

Warrant exercise price:  30 cents for a one-year period and 45 cents in the second year

Hidden placees:  42 hidden placees

Insiders:  Isabel Alves     , 25,000; Norman MacKinnon, 50,000

Pro groups:  Donald Norman Duncan, 25,000; Jay Spissinger, 35,000 Finders' fees:  Michael Parr, $1,600; Union Securities Ltd., $4,000; Canaccord Genuity Corp., $3,800; Kelward Overseas Corp., $8,000; 0824712 B.C. Ltd., $6,160