Intigold Mines Ltd. - TTAGIT Update - Splash Page for Phatpen


Trading  Symbol: IGD (TSX Venture Exchange)
May 7, 2014


Vancouver, BC,  May 7, 2014,  Intigold Mines Ltd. (IGD - TSX-V) has received the following update from TTAGIT Social Networks Inc. ("TTAGIT"). Intigold owns a 51% interest in TTAGIT.

TTAGIT - Splash Page for Phatpen

TTAGIT has put up a Splash Page for its Phatpen financial commenting and trading extension at You can sign up for our mailing list to keep up with any developments from the subscribe button at the top of the website.

Phatpen is an application in development that is built over top of the TTAGIT engine that allows users to make stock trades right over top of a web page with a browser extension or smartphone. With Phatpen you will be able to connect to your Etrade account to make web surfing and trading seamless.

Using the TTAGIT engine, users can engage in discussions about markets on the Bullboards right over top of any webpage. Phatpen will be able to scrape relevant stock symbols to any article you are reading and serves them up for you to look at the financial information such as latest news releases, recent discussions and the stock ticker.

Phatpen will use the social network of Twitter so you can share any of your progress on Phatpen to Twitter or follow users that you follow on Twitter on Phatpen if they have a Phatpen account. You can also see what people have been tweeting about the market by looking over the feed for any market as tweets are included. Phatpen also takes advantage of Twitter's Cashtag ( $ ) that shows stock symbols and tweets relative to them.

Phatpen will be used on Google Chrome, Firefox, IOS or Android. Phatpen makes trading seamless with Internet surfing. Never let a good opportunity go by because you weren't ready again.

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