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Trading  Symbol: IGD (TSX Venture Exchange)
May 14, 2014


Vancouver, BC,  May 14, 2014,  Intigold Mines Ltd. (IGD - TSX-V) has received the following update from TTAGIT Social Networks Inc. ("TTAGIT"). Intigold owns a 51% interest in TTAGIT.

TTAGIT - Synopsis

What is TTAGIT? TTAGIT is a proprietary technology which allows you to comment, talk and respond over any website (URL) using live feed while you are viewing the page without having to leave the page that you are on and go to a different website to view or post comments. TTAGIT also has social network capabilities but its proprietary technology is what sets it apart from others. Different from any other commenting system, TTAGIT's primary focus is on commenting and sharing at the source. The standard sharing platform is to bring information to a social network itself. TTAGIT not only brings information in but also leaves it where it belongs - the source. For example, with Facebook and Twitter a user can share a URL by posting to their wall or tweeting about it. With TTAGIT not only does it post to TTAGIT but you can also find the data on the source, the website (URL). How do I get started? Go to and download the application (Note: This is a "one-time only" download). After downloading is complete, a small spray can icon will appear on your toolbar. Go to any website whatsoever, click on the spray can icon on your toolbar and begin using TTAGIT. Why is TTAGIT different or special? TTAGIT's revolutionary technology allows users to comment over any website using live feed giving TTAGIT an extreme competitive advantage. You do not have the leave the page you are on, you do not have to login to several accounts, you do not have to register with a number of other websites. Examples:

TTAGIT will be a great option for journalists to post in real time and not have to click out of their page or have their readers direct their attention elsewhere.

Using TTAGIT's proprietary technology, users will be able to make a trade while reading a news release without leaving the page.

How is TTAGIT going to be monetized.? TTAGIT is looking forward to monetizing its competitive advantage by developing customized applications (for any industry) which will run off the TTAGIT engine (back end). This will allow TTAGIT to build its customer base thus creating critical mass while making revenue. TTAGIT can be utilized for any industry or existing business on the internet. The possibilities are infinite. TTAGIT is free to download, however, a small percentage will be taken on transactions conducted over the internet using applications which are using the TTAGIT technology. Initially, TTAGIT is developing applications for new businesses (i.e. de2our, PhatPen) that are industry specific. Eventually, TTAGIT plans to build customized applications for existing businesses. TTAGIT's proprietary technology will be utilized as a back-end for each application which in turn will showcase TTAGIT, generate revenue and increase the number of TTAGIT users. TTAGIT is currently developing two mobile applications, "de2our" and "PhatPen". Our main focus is to increase revenue with an application that not only generates income but also can scale limitlessly. We think these applications are the best bet for revenue building and, amongst many other ideas, have chosen to go this route due to not only their ability to showcase TTAGIT but also to gain widespread awareness in the industries. PhatPen is an application in development that is being built over top of the TTAGIT engine which will allow users to make stock trades right over top of a web page with a browser extension or smartphone. With Phatpen you will be able to connect to your Etrade account to make web surfing and trading seamless. For example, while you are reading an article in the Wall Street Journal on a medical company that invented a new drug, you can place a trade to buy or sell the stock without having to leave the article (web page) and logging in to your online brokerage account, thus helping the customer with ease of use and speed (to take action while viewing the moment). Using the TTAGIT engine, users can engage in discussions about markets on the Bullboards right over top of any webpage. Phatpen will be able to scrape relevant stock symbols to any article you are reading and serves them up for you to look at the financial information such as latest news releases, recent discussions and the stock ticker. Phatpen will be used on Google Chrome, Firefox, IOS or Android. Phatpen makes trading seamless with Internet surfing. TTAGIT has put up a Splash Page for its PhatPen financial commenting and trading extension at You can sign up for our mailing list to keep up with any developments from the subscribe button at the top of the website. De2our is a mobile application which will allow peer-to-peer ticket sales for any event, large or small. The focus is on making selling tickets as easy as possible. De2our plans to do with ticket sales what Groupon has done for coupons. That is, to allow the common user to create and sell tickets for events with simplicity and low cost. De2our will make peer-to-peer ticket sales easy and will use a smart activity stream that is customized to the user to bring events that are relative to every user's experience De2our will take a percentage of the ticket sales. De2our will also showcase TTAGIT's commenting system which is made to be built into other products as a commenting tool using Twitter as a social network and providing a way to categorize topics. TTAGIT has put up a Splash Page for its de20ur peer-to-peer ticket sales application You can sign up for our mailing list to keep up with any developments from the subscribe button at the

Further Developments

TTAGIT is working to bring the Twitter API (Application Programming Interface) into TTAGIT's technology which will help build content for TTAGIT. For example, if I am reading an article about a recent speech of President Obama's in the Wall Street Journal on my iPad, computer or mobile device and I want to see the comments people have made on Twitter, I have to go to the Twitter link for that article. With the TTAGIT extension I can stay on the web page (URL) and make a comment and see what other users of TTAGIT are saying about the article. By integrating the Twitter API, I will now from the TTAGIT extension be able to see and comment on that article without leaving the page and I will also be able to see and comment on all of the Twitter comments about that article without having to go to the Twitter link . All of the Twitter comments are brought into TTAGIT allowing the user an enhanced experience of seeing all of the Twitter content through TTAGIT's extension and bring more users to TTAGIT.

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