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Trading  Symbol: IGD (TSX Venture Exchange)
April 15, 2014


Vancouver, BC / ACCESSWIRE / April 15, 2014 / Intigold Mines Ltd. (IGD - TSX-V) has received the following update from TTAGIT Social Networks Inc. ("TTAGIT"). Intigold owns a 51% interest in TTAGIT.

"TTAGIT - Splash Page for de2our

TTAGIT is proud to announce the de2our splash page that gives a brief on the application and allows interested parties to subscribe to our mailing list for further updates.

De2our is a mobile application which allows peer-to-peer ticket sales for any event, large or small. The focus is on making selling tickets as easy as possible.

Stay tuned for further updates and subscribe at

With de2our the main focus is to increase revenue with an application that not only generates income but also can scale limitlessly. We think de2our is our best bet for revenue building and, amongst many other ideas, have chosen to go this route due to its ability to showcase TTAGIT but also to gain widespread interest as it has already generated interest amongst many people within the market.

De2our will take a percentage of the ticket sales, and will hold funds sold until an expired date where ticket sales stop. Once revenue is proven, then marketing becomes much simpler as raising more money for marketing increases the sales that are generated. The room for growth in on-line ticket sales is growing by the day."

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