Scandie Property ( British Columbia, Canada )


100% Intigold Mines Ltd.

Property Option Agreement:

Intigold entered into an agreement to acquire a 100% interest in the Scandie mineral claim located in the Greenwood Mining Division, British.


Silver-Lead rich quartz filled shear zones.

Two BC Ministry of Mines Minfile database Mineralized Occurrence

Scandie (Past Producer)

Jay (Prospect)

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The Property:

The Scandie Property is located in the Greenwood Mining Division, of south central British Columbia. The property covers 293.4 hectares (2.934km2). The property covers 2 zones of silver and gold mineralization. The Scandie Property is contiguous with the Beaverdell property and is part of the the Beaverdell Project. The Beaverdell Project is located within the historic Beaverdell Mining Camp, an area with numerous known mineral occurrences and significant past producers. In the Beaverdell Mining Camp silver-lead-zinc ores predominate. Mineralization is composed of galena, sphalerite and pyrite with lesser amounts of arsenopyrite, tetrahedrite, pyrargyrite, chalcopyrite, polybasite, acanthite, native silver and pyrrhotite in a gangue of mainly quartz with lesser amounts of calcite and fluorite. Two types of mineralization are common in the area: 1] fault bounded veins in the Middle Jurassic Westkettle Batholith such as those that occur in the Mount Wallace, Cranberry Ridge, Nelse Creek and King Solomon Areas; and 2] contact metasomatism between Middle Jurassic Westkettle Batholith and the Carboniferous-Permian Wallace Formation such as the mineralization seen in the Mullins Hill and St. John Ridge areas.

The major producing mines from the Beaverdell mining camp were the WELLINGTON, SALLY, BEAVER and BEAVERDELL. All of these past producers are of the first type of mineral deposit described above. A total of 1,223,655 tonnes were mined intermittently between 1901 and 1991 from the Beaverdell mining camp. Recovery totalled grams (approx. 43,000,000 ounces) of silver, 544,452 grams of gold, 11,657 kilograms of copper, 12,965,868 kilograms of lead, 15,405,037 kilograms of zinc and 58,171 kilograms of cadmium. Grades calculated from reported mined and recovered values range between 13 to 263 oz/tonne Ag, 0.004 to 1.64 oz/tonne Au, 1 to 12% Zn, 1 to 11% Pb. The weighted average grades are 35 oz/tonne Ag, 0.016 oz/tonne Au, 1.22% Zn, 1.04% Pb.

There was only one past producer, the Rosemont, of the second style of mineralization in the Beaverdell mining area. The Rosemont mined 107 tonnes which yielded 1,928 grams Ag and 1,462 grams Au.

In 2011 IntiGold completed a soil sampling survey culminating in 129 soil samples and a number of multi-element geochemical anomalies. The soil survey was designed to confirm historic results, determine actual locations of known workings and showings and locate and define additional mineralized zones within the Scandie Property.

Terms of Property Option Agreement:

The Company entered into an agreement to acquire a 100% interest in certain mining claims located in the Greenwood Mining Division, British Columbia.

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